Friday, November 9, 2012

Look What We Did in 2012: Active Play

Creating a positive, loving environment and making the school a happy place to learn has always been a challenge to all early childhood educators. These two important points are our goals when planning out the kids' activities to meet the objectives in our preschool curriculum. And when it comes to kids, we believe that the best way to have fun while learning is through PLAY! Let's take a peek at some of the "PLAY = Learn" activities at Alif Ceria this year:
GrainsPLAY = Textures & Hand-eye Coordination
StrawPLAY = Hand-Eye Coordination & Construction
SandPLAY = Sensorial & Measuring
StickyboardPLAY = Imagination
BoxPLAY = Measuring & Construction
Do it yourself-PLAY = Coordination
WaterPLAY = Phonics
Do it yourself-PLAY = Food Nutrition
MindMapPLAY = Creative Thinking
KitchenPLAY = Listening Skills (Following instructions)
KitchenPLAY = Practical Life Skills 
ManipulativePlay = Patterning
ManipulativePLAY = Construction
RolePLAY = Maths and Money
RolePLAY = Confidence
PretendPLAY = Imagination ("Where would you like to go?" asked the driver) 
BubblewrapPLAY = Sensorial
PLAYdoh = Fine Motor Skills
StrawPLAY = galah? Hand-eye coordination
Opps.. where are the books? Does that mean our kids are not learning at school? What do you think is the answer? :-) 


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