Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Look what we did: Having a blast with BOXES!

The theme of the week is "Buildings". Put away the Lego blocks kids... we are going to build using BOXES! London Bridge, KLCC, KL Tower, Eiffel Tower, you name it, we build it!
And there are a lot of other things to do with boxes, look how much fun we're having!

London Bridge
Hide and seek!

Tower race

Throwing boxes

Hit the boxes

Ahh..I missed it!

Box relay race

Train boxes

What is our strategy? 

Catch the ball!

See...I can fit in the box!

Push or pull?

I am as tall as the boxes

My body is flexible!

From the smallest to the biggest
How many small boxes can we fit into the big one?
Awesome, right? Alhamdulillah...


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